Samsung Wave – Utra-slim body with affordable price

samsung wave

At the first glance of Samsung Wave, you’ll be appealed with its utra-slim 0.4-inch body and the big 3.3-inch AMOLED screen. So first of all you could have nice touch feeling with Samsung Wave. And affordable price under $400 unlocked makes Samsung the most cost-effective smartphone. As to hardware quality, you should believe that it is positioned at the high-end market.

Samsung Wave manages excellent call quality, with natural-sounding voices and plenty of volume. Those on the other end reported a very slight echo; otherwise, everything was peachy.  Speakerphone worked similarly, being very usable even in noisy environments. Battery life of Samsung Wave is rated at a whopping 15 hours of talk time, making it one of the better smartphones out there as far as power consumption is concerned.

Both 3G and WiFi are onboard, although Samsung Wave doesn’t support US 3G bands.  Those overseas, however, should find the full connectivity offerings very handy.  The 5.0 megapixel camera offers plenty of settings and takes very good photos, with 720p captures proving to have really good quality for a smartphone video. (more…)